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The CBD market is currently producing about 1 billion a year in revenue by the year 2025 the CBD market will have the potential to be a 16 billion dollar industry. The Seedy Alchemist is looking for distributors like you. Someone who loves CBD as much as we do. One of our favorite things to hear is that we helped someone in need. The benefit of having someone say that we have helped changed their lives is a dream come true.

Do you dream of working from wherever your at? Do you dream of not having to go into the office everyday? Looking for a side gig that you don’t have to spend 20 hours a week at just to make it worth while? Being a distributor for The Seedy Alchemist allows all of the above. It allows you to educate the people you love and the people they love about the amazing benefits of CBD.

We sincerely believe that CBD is life changing. We want to be part of the change. Do you?

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