About Us

Mission Statement

The Seedy Alchemist aims to provide the highest quality products on the CBD market today. The Seedy Alchemist wants to educate our customers about CBD.  We want to treat CBD with a individual approach because that is what it needs. Everyone is different and CBD is not one size fits all. We believe in the benefits provided by CBD. We want to share our knowledge with you so that you may know how CBD may be able to help.  Find the CBD products that are right for you today. We invite you to contact us with any of your questions. Email or call us today!

Who we are

The Seedy Alchemist began in 2018. With a passion for the cannabis industry we wanted to bring something to the market that everyone could benefit from. Three years ago I became a medical marijuana caregiver. While my patients received relief from my flower and edibles, the people I knew that did not use medical marijuana was overwhelming and they did not want to consume medical marijuana. I wanted to make something that gave these individuals options too! While there are a lot of CBD companies out there we would appreciate you giving The Seedy Alchemist a try. Let us show you the difference.